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Become a HighStar Guardian Family

At HighStar we strive to provide each breeding dog in our program a wonderful life in a loving home. By placing our precious breeding dogs in Guardian Homes, the dogs receive more individualized attention, and our breeding program has the available dogs required to develop the breed. Contact us to learn more about this program.

What is a Guardian Home?

Guardian homes are very carefully selected pet owners who have met our requirements to provide a loving and forever home in a stable environment for the “pick of the litter” Multigen Australian Labradoodles we choose to use in our breeding program. Guardian homes are selected to raise, nurture, and train these exceptional girls and boys. This dog will not only be your forever pet, but will also play an integral role in the development of this magnificent breed.


Most Guardian Homes will raise a puppy, but occasionally we have adolescent and adult dogs available. The breeding career of girl dogs can last until her fourth birthday, while a boy dog’s breeding career can last until his seventh birthday. Girls start breeding around their second birthday, and boys start closer to their first. The breeding responsibility of boys vs. girls is quite different in the demands it will place on the Guardian Home. (Topic is covered in more detail below) Once the dog’s breeding career ends, HighStar Australian labradoodles will cover the cost to spay/neuter the dog and he/she now belongs 100% to the Guardian.

Costs of Being a Guardian Home

Guardian Homes will pay approximately one-third of the pet price for their puppy. Guardians will pay for normal pet ownership costs such as: routine vet care, heart worm and flea and tick treatment, premium dog food, dog training, pet supplies and grooming. Costs associated with breeding are covered by HighStar Australian Labradoodle. And We will cover the cost of spay/neuter surgery once the breeding career ends.

What is a Guardian Home?

Our Guardian Homes are carefully screened pet owners who have met our requirements to provide a loving and stable home for the “pick of the litter” Multigen Australian Labradoodles we use in our breeding program. It is in the best interest of these puppies to be raised, nurtured, and trained by a loving and caring family. The dog will become a lifetime companion for you and your family and will also play an integral role in developing this magnificent breed.

Become a HighStar Guardian Family

Our goal at HighStar is to provide each breeding dog in our program the best life possible in a home that will love them. By placing our precious breeding dogs in Guardian Homes, the dogs will receive more individualized attention. In addition, our breed development program will have the available dogs needed to develop the breed. If you are interested in learning more about this program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Costs of Being a Guardian Home

Guardian Homes will pay approximately one-third of the puppy price. As the guardian of one of our puppies, you will be responsible for the expected costs incurred by pet ownership, such as routine vet visits, heartworm and flea and tick treatment, premium dog food, dog training, pet supplies, and grooming. HighStar Australian Labradoodle covers the costs associated with breeding. Furthermore, once the breeding career has ended, we will cover the spay/neuter surgery cost.

Requirements and Responsibilities of Guardian Home Applicants

Guardian Homes receive the very best dogs that HighStar Australian Labradoodle offers! However, there are specific requirements for providing a guardian home for one of our dogs. To be considered, Guardian families must fulfill all the following criteria.

  • Have a fully fenced yard, or take the dog out on a leash.
  • We prefer dog experience but will work with families new to dog ownership.
  • Train the dog or take to obedience classes to pass CGC class.
  • Ensure the puppy is well socialized.
  • Provide veterinary care when needed.
  • Feed dogs the same quality food we feed our dogs and puppies.
  • Not leave the dog alone for an extended period.
  • Not leave the dog outside unattended.
  • Notify the breeder when a female begins her heat cycle.
  • Must not allow a female around intact males during her cycle.
  • Must not allow a male to breed other females.
  • Be interviewed by the breeder.
  • Live within a reasonable driving distance from San Antonio, Texas, or willing to drive to us if more than 30 minutes.
  • Be willing and able to bring the dog to the vet for testing and drive it to our home for breeding purposes.
  • We ask that guardian families send pictures and updates from time to time. 
Name * Address * City * State * Zip * Email * Phone No. * Occupation(s) Full or Part Time Daycare plans Have you owned a dog before? Dog Experience Ages of Children Are children used to dogs? Please list any other animals Where will puppy play and go potty? Agree to training Agree to required nutrition Agree to provide regular vet care Are you set on a certain gender? Any other reasons you made a good candidate for Guardian Home Please copy paste and email answers to
Guardian Application



Thanks for your interest on our Authentic multigen Australian Labradoodle puppies

Please copy, paste and fill up the following questions, and send it via email:




Tell us a little about yourself? What is your lifestyle? How our AlD puppy will fit on it?

1.why you are interested in a ALD

2.Where are you located? Are you able to pick up in person or need our nanny services:

3. Do you or anyone in your family suffer from Dog allergies?

4. What activity level most suits your family’s lifestyle?

______ calm environment/sedentary ______ Mid activity/visiting/social

______ Higher activity/working dog  ______ very active/energetic/ athletic


5.Do you have children? If so, Please list ages.

6. Gender preference

______ male  ______ female ______ no preference

7. What is your size preference for your new Puppy?

______ Mini/small (20-30)

______ med (31-40)

______ standard (41-up\

______ small to med

______ med to standard

______ no preference


8 Are you familiar with puppy training? If not, are you willing to enroll on Baxter and Bella to help you through your puppy development training? Are you willing to send puppy to basic obedience to get CGC? We are happy to help guide a buyer to the right trainer using the philosophies and methods these eager to please pups required like positive reinforcement. They are not trained by showing dominance over them. They are companion pets bred for temperaments that want to learn and please their people. I work hard to help the family have success with their HighStar pup.

We set the family up with the online training partner “Baxter and Bella” for the first weeks (I also can offer a big discount of 25% on their program with my discount code “HighStar”) and then when the dog is six-to 8 months old we can recommend a board and train facility so the dog learns to take commands from everyone and is well behaved in public and with distractions. One of our goals is to have a home for the dogs that is willing to invest in a fabulously well-behaved dog for a lifetime of enjoyment, and not frustration!

______ yes    ______ No

9. Color Preferences (check all that apply)


______ Phantom/Tricolored

______ Black

______ Parti/ chocolate

______ Parti/cream

______ Apricot/caramel

______ Chocolate

______ Cream

10. Have you had other dogs in the past? *

11. Do you currently have any other pets? *

12. What other animals do you have?

13. Are you ok with HIghStart Australian labradoodle’s selection process outlined below

I will use this questionnaire to help match the puppy’s personality, energy level and the family situation to the right home for the puppy. I do take into consideration the buyers’ preferences on sex, color and size but I cannot always guarantee that combination for every litter.  For example: I wouldn’t put a shy puppy into a home with three young children and I wouldn’t put a high energy puppy into the home of a retired couple that isn’t active. If the puppy that is allocated to the buyer isn’t what they are looking for then I can move the person to the next litter and hopefully everyone will be happy. Is my goal, to make furever connections having families and puppies happy. I also look for people that understand I spend every day with these puppies and have a strong understanding of who they are, knowing as well that puppy behavior might change on their forever homes depending on how they will be treated and the family routines. Don’t base your selection on the puppy that run towards you, sometimes the pup runs toward the person that have a peculiar smell, either of other pets or food they ate before.


______ yes    ______ No

Guardian Application

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