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At HighStar, our dogs are our family as well as the puppies. We take seriously which family will be blessed with one of our puppies. That is one of the reasons we might contact you regarding your application and your expectation of becoming part of our HS family. We want our puppies to succeed as well as our families.

Our puppy price is $2500 US.   Reservation list is now open!

Soon we will have puppies ready to go to your home!

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What is your size preference for your new Puppy?
We set the family up with the online training partner “Baxter and Bella” for the first weeks (I also can offer a big discount of 25% on their program with my discount code “HighStar”) and then when the dog is six-to 8 months old we can recommend a board and train facility so the dog learns to take commands from everyone and is well behaved in public and with distractions. One of our goals is to have a home for the dogs that is willing to invest in a fabulously well-behaved dog for a lifetime of enjoyment, and not frustration!
Color Preferences (check all that apply)
Are you ok with HIghStart Australian labradoodle’s selection process outlined below I will use this questionnaire to help match the puppy’s personality, energy level and the family situation to the right home for the puppy. I do take into consideration the buyers’ preferences on sex, color and size but I cannot always guarantee that combination for every litter. For example: I wouldn’t put a shy puppy into a home with three young children and I wouldn’t put a high energy puppy into the home of a retired couple that isn’t active. If the puppy that is allocated to the buyer isn’t what they are looking for then I can move the person to the next litter and hopefully everyone will be happy. Is my goal, to make furever connections having families and puppies happy. I also look for people that understand I spend every day with these puppies and have a strong understanding of who they are, knowing as well that puppy behavior might change on their forever homes depending on how they will be treated and the family routines. Don’t base your selection on the puppy that run towards you, sometimes the pup runs toward the person that have a peculiar smell, either of other pets or food they ate before.
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