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Why Multigen Australian Labradoodles?

A Multigen Australian Labradoodle (MALD) is created after twenty-two years of meticulous research and many generations of selective breeding by Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia. The MALD has the perfect mixture of genes, consistently producing remarkable, excellent non-shed, intelligent, easy-to-please dogs. To be considered an authentic Multigen Australian Labradoodle, it has to be bred ALD to ALD for five consecutive generations; this differentiates any doodle from a Multigen ALD.

The ALD is an excellent lifelong pet companion. While they look like other doodles, the MALD have lovely personalities. They are fun-loving dogs with a zest for life that is only matched by the love they give and receive in return.

Today, the ALDs are wonderful, intelligent dogs with lush coats. One look into their expressive eyes is enough to understand that they will be your faithful, loyal companion for life.


There is No Doodle Like  an Australian Labradoodle!


HighStar Australian Labradoodles knows the importance of finding the perfect labradoodle for your family. Our breeding process is based on genuine affection and years of expertise in breeding and training pups. Our dogs have been carefully selected to ensure that each litter produced will bring joy and happiness to a loving family.

If you are looking for a genuine, loving Multigen labradoodle with the perfect combination of intelligence and spirit – look no further! Welcome Aboard – We know you will love your Labradoodle as much as we do!


Producing loving doggies for life